Privacy Policy

Welcome to our privacy policy page! We would like to share our privacy policy with the users and visitors who approach the company to find out the solution and take assistance to handle your problems. Hence, it is suggested to read and understand the privacy policy carefully before accessing the services. By going through this page, you will be able to learn everything about the privacy policy and you can have a great experience on the Cash App.

Use Of The Cookies: 

We do collect personal and some identifiable information about the viewers, customers, users, readers and others. Moreover, we do collect other essential information such as phone number, email address and a permanent address about the customers and visitors. Also, you have to keep the fact in mind that we make use of the cookies through to collect information.

Data Safety: 

Of course! We do make use of extra layer of the security to safeguard your stored data. We would also love to share the information about the safety of the servers, websites, and others things related to us. Hence, it is completely safe to avail our services.

Customer Support:

On the other hand, if you come across any kind of problems while understanding the privacy policy of the company, you will have to come to us using the Cash App Customer Service Phone Number through which you will be able to have a word with the experts. Here, they will provide you with the right solution to your problems and you will be able to find out everything related to our privacy policy in a hassle-free manner.